Book of the Month: The God of Luck


I actually read this book two years ago but stumbled across it the other day while decluttering my library shelf (i.e. trying desperately to find that overdue library book that probably–most likely–definitely–has been absorbed by the black hole that is my library shelf.) Since the book left a hugely lasting impression on me, I thought The God of Luck deserved to be features as the February book of the month.

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Hangman, Hangman, What Fruit Do You Bear?

Southern trees bear a strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the root

Black bodies swinging’ in the Southern breeze

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees


It’s curious, how no one knows the origin of the game hangman. A cursory search of various academic databases and archives yield a few results that offer a concrete tracing of its origins, if not its history.  Read more

Winners Don’t Smash Buttons

This past January, I taught a week-long January term course entitled “Winners Don’t Smash Buttons: A Video Game Practicum.” This blog post is a summary of what happened over the course of the week; if you’re interested in reading a digital essay on the experience, the course website ( explores issues of death, reincarnation, play, and so much more. Course syllabus is available here. Read more