I’m Headed to SCMS!

For any of you Film/Media Studies scholars out there, I’ll be headed to the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ 2016 annual conference from March 30th–April 3rd. I’ll be presenting as part of a panel entitled “Gaming Race: Seeking Justice Beyond  Representation” with the wonderful Amanda Phillips (UC Davis), Alexandrina Algoro (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), and Kishonna Gray (Eastern Kentucky University).


Check out the conference program here.

Oh, Morals: Fallout 4 and Working Through Threat

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 has received a number of criticisms for its morality system–or rather, its lack thereof. One of the staple features of previous releases in the Fallout series, “karma” (a measurement of morally good vs morally bad decisions) required a sort of moral engagement with the world of the game. Read more